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We make a special effort to always serve fresh food using only high quality ingredients. All Dishes come with Steamed or Fried Rice (except for Appetizer, Soup, Noodle In Soup, Mu-Shu, Noodles & Lo Mein, and Fried Rice categories)
All dishes cooked with Vegetable Oil. No added MSG.
Substitutes and altercations to dishes can be requested during orders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime!

To view our menu:
Simply scroll down to find the item you’d like, Then give us a call at 805 644-6688 to order
(the price is listed by the dish)

For easy navigation: Press down both the ‘Control' ('Command' for Mac) and 'F' keys down on your keyboard. A 'Find' box should appear for you to type in keywords.

* = mildly spicy | NO MSG | fresh food made to order | substitutes & altercations available

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Luncheon Special

From 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Served w/ Your Choice of:
Soup: Hot & Sour or Egg Drop Soup
Appetizer: Egg Roll or Salad
Entrée: Steamed or Fried Rice, Plus One of the Following:

$6.25 EACH
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
Sautéed String Beans
Kung Pao Tofu*

$6.50 EACH
Szechuan Eggplant
Lo Mein Soft Noodle (Chicken, Pork, or Vegetable)
Chop Suey( Chicken, Pork, or Vegetable)
Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken

$6.95 EACH
Kung Pao* Chicken or Pork
Almond Chicken
Chicken w/ Broccoli
Chicken w/ Vegetables
Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce
Curry Chicken*

$7.45 EACH
Moo Goo Gai Pan
General Tso’s Chicken*
Cashew Nut Chicken
Szechuan* Chicken or Pork
Mu Shu Chicken or Pork
Chicken w/ String Beans
BBQ Pork w/ String Beans
Mongolian Chicken or Beef
Broccoli Beef
Chow Fun (Flat Rice Noodle) Chicken or Beef

$8.05 EACH
House Special Lo Mein (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp)
Orange* Chicken or Beef
Lemon Chicken
Black Pepper Steak*
Sweet & Sour Shrimp
Shrimp w/ Vegetables
Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce
Kung Pao Shrimp*
Cashew Shrimp
Szechuan 3 Delight* (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp)
Kung Pao 3 Delight (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp)
Imperial 3 Delight (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp)
Fish Filet w/ Vegetables
Fish Filet w/ Black Bean Sauce*
Fish Fillet w/ Ginger & Scallions

Noodle Soups: (Comes without Rice or Appetizer)
Three Flavor Noodle Soup* 8.50
Beef Chunk Noodle Soup 8.50
Chicken Noodle Soup 8.50
Shrimp Noodle Soup 8.95

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House Special Dinner

A. $13.95 per person
Soup: Hot & Sour Soup* or Egg Flower Soup
Appetizer: Egg Roll & Paper Wrapped Chicken
Entree: Fried Rice or Steamed Rice, plus one of the following:
1. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken
2. Beef with Broccoli
3. Kung Pao Chicken*
4. Chicken or Pork Egg Foo Young
5. House Special Lo Mein
6. Chicken with Vegetables
7. Twice Cooked Pork*

B. $15.95 per person
Soup: Wor Wonton Soup (minimum 2 order)
Appetizer: Egg Roll, Paper Wrapped Chicken, & Fried Shrimp
Entree: Steamed or Fried Rice, plus one of the following:
1. General Tso’s Chicken*
2. Mongolian Beef
3. Shrimp with Vegetables
4. Fish with Black Bean Sauce
5. Lemon Chicken
6. Orange Chicken*
7. Sweet & Sour Shrimp
8. Black Pepper Chicken*

C. $17.95 per person
Soup: Chicken Sizzling Rice Soup (minimum 2 order)
Appetizer: Egg Roll, Fried Shrimp, & Teriyaki Beef Stick
Entree: Steamed or Fried Rice, plus one of the following:
1. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
2. Fish Fillet with Vegetables
3. Beef with Oyster Sauce
4. Kung Pao 3 Delights*
5. Orange Beef*
6. Crispy Duck
7. Cashew Nut Shrimp
8. Hot Spicy Shredded Crispy Beef*

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A1. Egg Roll (4) 4.95
A2. Fried Wonton (10) 4.95
A3. Paper Wrapped Chicken (4) 4.95
A4. Cream Cheese Wonton (6) 5.25
A5. Chinese Chicken Salad 5.95
A6. Teriyaki Beef Sticks (4) 7.95
A7. Sliced BBQ Pork 7.95
A8. Potstickers or Steamed Dumplings (8): Pork or Chicken 6.95
A9. Fried Jumbo Shrimp (4) 7.95
A10. Szechuan Wonton (10)* 6.95
A11. Minced Chicken with Lettuce Cup (2) 8.95
A12. BBQ Spare Ribs (4) 8.95
A13. Assorted Appetizer Tray (For Two) 13.95

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Noodle In Soup

N1. Korean Style 3 Flavor Noodle Soup 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N2. Vegetable Noodle Soup 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N3. Beef Chunk Noodle Soup 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N4. Chicken Vegetable Noodle Soup 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N5. Chinese Pickled Cabbage Noodle Soup: Pork or Chicken 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N6. Shrimp Noodle Soup 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N7. Seafood Noodle Soup 8.95 (Lunch), 9.95 (Dinner)
N8. Curry Chicken Over Noodles* 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)
N9. Curry Shrimp Over Noodles* 8.05 (Lunch), 8.95 (Dinner)

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S1. Soup of the Day (cup) 2.00
S2. Wonton Soup (cup) 2.00
S3. Egg Flower Soup 5.95 (Small), 8.95 (Large)
S4. Hot & Sour Soup* 5.95 (Small), 8.95 (Large)
S5. Wonton Soup 6.25 (Small), 9.25 (Large)
S6. Wor Wonton Soup 6.95 (Small), 9.95 (Large)
S7. Seafood Hot & Sour Soup* 7.95 (Small), 10.95 (Large)
S8. Chicken Sizzling Rice Soup 6.95 (Small), 9.95 (Large)
S9. Chicken with Corn Soup 6.95 (Small), 9.95 (Large)
S10. Vegetable Bean Curd Soup 6.95 (Small), 9.95 (Large)
S11. Three Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup 7.95 (Small), 10.95 (Large)
S12. Bean Curd with Seafood Soup 7.95 (Small), 10.95 (Large)

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C1. Sweet & Sour Chicken 10.95
C2. Chicken Chop Suey 9.95
C3. Curry Chicken* 10.95
C4. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce* 10.95
C5. Kung Pao Chicken 10.95
C6. Broccoli Chicken 10.95
C7. Moo Goo Gai Pan 10.95
C8. Chicken with String Beans 10.95
C9. Chicken with Szechuan Sauce* 10.95
C10. Almond Chicken 10.95
C11. Cashew Chicken 10.95
C12. General Tso’s Chicken* 11.95
C13. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 10.95
C14. Chicken with Asparagus (seasonal) 11.95
C15. Lemon Chicken 11.95
C16. Orange Chicken* 11.95
C17. Crispy Duck (half) 12.95
C18. Tea Smoked Duck (half) 12.95
C19. Roasted Duck (half) 12.95

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Chef’s Special

CS1. Kung Pao Three Delights* 14.95
CS2. Sauteed Three Delights 14.95
CS3. Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken* 14.95
CS4. Sesame Beef 15.95
CS5. Crispy Honey Walnut Shrimp 16.95
CS6. Sizzling Beef & Scallop Delight 16.95
CS7. Sizzling Black Pepper Steak* 15.95
CS8. Happy Family 16.95
CS9. King & Queen (Double Delight)* 17.95
CS10. Sizzling Rice with Shrimp 16.95
CS11. Grand Deluxe Wonton 16.95
CS12. Seafood & Tofu in Hot Pot 16.95
CS13. Kung Pao Scallop & Shrimp* 17.95
CS14. Sweet & Pungent Shrimp* 17.95
CS15. Imperial Seafood in Hot Pot 17.95

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SF1. Sweet & Sour Shrimp 12.95
SF2. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables 13.95
SF3. Imperial Shrimp 13.95
SF4. Shrimp with Szechuan Sauce* 13.95
SF5. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 13.95
SF6. Curry Shrimp* 13.95
SF7. Shrimp with Snow Peas 14.95
SF8. Shrimp with Asparagus (seasonal) 14.95
SF9. Kung Pao Shrimp* 14.95
SF10. Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce* 14.95
SF11. Cashew Shrimp 14.95
SF12. Salt Pepper Shrimp* 15.95
SF13. Sauteed Shrimp 13.95
SF14. Fish Fillet with Mixed Vegetables 13.95
SF15. Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce* 13.95
SF16. Fish Fillet with Szechuan Sauce* 13.95
SF17. Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet 13.95
SF18. Fish Fillet with Salt and Pepper* 14.95
SF19. Steamed Sole Fish Fillet 14.95

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P1. Sweet & Sour Pork 9.95
P2. Pork Chop Suey 9.95
P3. Pork with String Beans 10.95
P4. Shredded Pork with Bean Curd* 10.95
P5. Twice Cooked Pork* 10.95
P6. Shredded Pork with Szechuan Sauce* 10.95
P7. BBQ Pork with String Bean 10.95
P8. Fried Pork Chop with Seasoned Salt* 11.95
P9. Hot Spicy Shredded Crispy Pork* 12.95

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Beef & Lamb

B1. Beef with Mixed Vegetables 11.95
B2. Kung Pao Beef* 11.95
B3. Beef with Broccoli 11.95
B4. Beef with Green Peppers 11.95
B5. Beef with Oyster Sauce 12.95
B6. Mongolian Beef 12.95
B7. Beef with Snow Peas 12.95
B8. Beef with String Beans 12.95
B9. Beef with Szechuan Sauce* 12.95
B10. Beef with Asparagus (Seasonal) 12.95
B11. Beef with Spicy Orange Peel Sauce* 12.95
B12. Hot Spicy Shredded Crispy Beef* 12.95
B13. Mongolian Lamb 13.95
B14. Hunan Lamb* 13.95

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Egg Foo Young

E1. Pork, Chicken, or Vegetable Egg Foo Young 9.95
E2. Beef Egg Foo Young 10.95
E3. Shrimp Egg Foo Young 12.95

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Mu-Shu (Chinese Burrito)

Served with 4 Pancakes

M1. Beef, Pork, Vegetable, or Chicken Mu-Shu 10.95
M2. Shrimp Mu-Shu 12.95
M3. Combination Mu-Shu (Chicken, Beef, & Shrimp) 12.95

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Vegetable & Bean Curd

V1. Mixed Vegetable Delight 8.95
V2. Vegetable Chop Suey 8.95
V3. Szechuan Broccoli* 8.95
V4. Dried Sautéed String Bean 8.95
V5. Chinese Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, & Snow Peas 8.95
V6. Sautéed String Bean 8.95
V7. Szechuan Eggplant* 8.95
V8. Bean Curd Country Style* 8.95
V9. Bean Curd with Brown Sauce* 8.95
V10. Szechuan Bean Curd* 8.95
V11. Kung Pao Bean Curd* 8.95
V12. Sweet & Sour Bean Curd 8.95

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Vegetarian Menu (Meat Substitute)

MS1. Chicken with String Beans 10.95
MS2. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 10.95
MS3. Cashew Nut Chicken 10.95
MS4. Kung Pao Chicken* 10.95
MS5. Szechuan Shrimp* 12.95
MS6. Kung Pao Shrimp* 12.95
MS7. Cashew Nut Shrimp* 12.95
MS8. Shrimp Chop Suey 12.95

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